Thursday, August 23, 2007

Late night snack

Whoa, where did I go? I don't know. Sorry for the lack of blog entries, but rest assured that I have definitely been snacking it the fuck up as of late. Here's a new one.

I was DJing at the Whisky Bar in Austin TX earlier tonight. After the gig let out, some other DJs and folks were like "LET'S EAT" which are words I love to hear. Minh Chau said pizza, Bird Peterson said Mexican, Prince Klassen said Thai. It all sounded good, except for Thai, cause I'm kinda like "Fuck Thai food." But we ended up skipping the restaurant scene in lieu of a home-prepared snack by MC herself. Awesome!

We had Totino's tiny sausage pizza with shredded parmesan and crushed peppers (or Ot Xay, which I learned is Vietnamese for ... crushed peppers) with slices of watermelon on the side. I'll now break it down item by item.


This thing was tiny, and the fact that MC cut it up into like 8 tiny pieces just made it appear even tinier. Don't take its smallness for weakness though, cause this thing burned the shit out of the roof of my mouth. It was kinda tasty though. Nice crispy crust and very nice frozen pizza taste. It was served in its original box with the top torn off. Nice touch.


The cheese was a nice touch. It was cold from being in the fridge and was a pleasant contrast to the piping hot pizza. I don't think I like using the term "piping hot" to describe even the hottest pizza, cause it makes me think that someone might want to shove an entire pizza down my windpipe. Fuck that.

Oh yeah the peppers / chillis. I didn't try these but I'm sure they were fine.


Look at that. Is that not the most perfectly-sliced wedge of watermelon you've ever seen in your life? It was seedless, which made it even better. Minh Chau taught me that seedless watermelons are generally all sweet, so you don't have to be "sneaky or know about watermelons to get a good one" so she says. The watermelon was far and away the star of this snack.

Overall snackability rating 8 Hot, savory, sweet, cool, yeah. Good stuff.