Monday, July 2, 2007

Twiglets; wherein we first encounter Certified Max

Well it doesn't look like any of you other dudes are going to introduce my, so allow myself to introduce.. myself. It's your homie Certified Max from the crew Certified Bananas, and I'm here to talk excellent munchables.

anyway... I met Mike 2600 Theee Casual Male on a recent trip to Minneapolis for a gig and when the dude took me out for a Jucy Lucy I knew I had found a kindred spirit. When I heard he organized a snack blog that multiple other DJs post on, I had to get on. So here we go. I'm going to start with one of my favorites, Twiglets.

Twiglets are a British snack food that looks.. well, a bit like a twig. The snack is a thin, somewhat jagged stick with a rough mottled brown exterior. The taste? Well, if you like Marmite, you're gonna love these. If you don't, you might like them ok too, but that's basically the flavor, like marmite, vegemite or nutrition yeast. They also, apparently, have other spices and flavorings including dried cheese, white pepper and celery.

The body of the twiglet is made out of whole wheat flour and baked, which means they're actually not bad for you, as these things go. They're also baked until fairly dark, which really effects the flavor, imparting deep, toasty notes that work really well with the salty yeast. The texture is remarkably crunchy, crispy and light, which makes them MAD SNACKABLE.

I learned about these by spending many hours in British bars. They taste terrific with a beer, or really with just about any other drink. Salty, crunchy, not too bad for you--the only downside is that you can't really get them here in the states. For more info, check, which seems to be a Twiglet-obsessed fan site. I stole photos from them because the signing bonus I received for joining the blog didn't cover a new digi camera...

So, here's the breakdown using the Snack Attack System:

Taste 8 - As I said above, deeply savory with the marmite-y yeast, spices, salt, and toasted whole wheat. Kind of a love it or hate sort of thing, but I love 'em and I find most other people do too.

Packaging 5 - In a normal chip bag, with graphics that are kind of satisfying in a mid-nineties kind if way, but pretty boring. The text on the word "Orginal" reminds me of the old Stussy font, ya dig? Oh yeah, I also like their new slogan "A whole lot of crunch in a whole wheat munch!"

Overall Snackability 8.5 - The shape and size, combined with a flavor that really grows on you and a knack for being consumed alongside beer makes these highly snackable. I'm marking them down a hair because I can't get them easily, which makes them less snackable.


Theee Casual Male said...

"mottled." Damn, I didn't even notice that Stüssy typeface at first. Good call! And great first entry! Keep it comin'!

Allan Murray said...

Crispy and crunchy, I would to try twiglets again.

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