Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Butterfinger Crisp

I am ALWAYS open to anything that has sugar inside some sort of packaging... and one day a little change happened in our Snack Machine. They replaced the Twix with a new kid on the block (NKOTB), the Butterfinger Crisp. I think that was a travesty, in my opinion, as Twix is pretty much one of the kingpins on Candy Lane. I will try almost anything once, and my finger pressed the magic Twix (RIP) code and this fell out. Here are the results.

Taste (7) Much better than a regular Butterfinger, yet I long for the layered carmalization that this one lacks. Yet somehow magically it has the wafer texture that I like so much so it's just a small setback. The taste is not so sweet, yet it brings in a saltyish dimension that blends great with the wafers and chocolate. Making a pretty dynamic taste overall that finishes with a wax-like experience. And that is where the 7 rating comes in. Kit Kat still owns in the wafer category, especially the ones from Europe.

Packaging (5) I like the background pattern that was inspired by the wafers, yet it is Americana-ized with glows, metallics and blurs that always makes my eyes twitch. Get the feeling I may be able to wash some clothes with it, or eat it at 3pm when I get a little hungry.

Overall snackability rating (7) I have eaten two now in two weeks. It will not beat out some of the others top dogs in the Stinson Snack Machine, but will get picked up now and then, just like I take the Junior Mints downtown for a 75 cent date every now and then.


Theee Casual Male said...

These completely clown original Butterfingers, which are just painfully sweet. Each bite is like eating 100 tiny delicious jackhammers. Butterfingers Crisp are smoother and more manageable.

Packaging here is pretty wack. The wafer pattern on the ends is a total afterthought - however!!! I am feelin' the giant blue 3D coming off of the "Crisp" letters.

Theee Casual Male said...

PS - I know there's only one Rolo left in the vending machine, and if you buy it, there'll be hell to pay.

Dirty Diamonds said...

ROLL A ROLLO FROM YOUR PAL. Chocolate covered caramel up in this piece! It will be gone by 3 pm. You or me.

Slick Rick up in here, like it was the moment of fear.

T.H.L.A.T. (can't spell) said...

damn, guess i wasnt paying enuff attention to Snack Attack™. i been on a SERIOUS BF Crisp bender for a few weeks now, i cant get eFUCKINGnough of those things. so yeah, i may have rated this bad boi a little higher, but whatever. i know you got its back!

CHSkateboarding said...

They don't rip you fillings out when you try to chew them. They are airy and light and fucking awesome.