Monday, May 7, 2007

Jack N Jill Chocolate Pretzels

I picked this up at a little convenient store near the Mission in San Francisco. It looked basically like Pocky, which is always delicious, but I'm always down for a nicely-packaged ripoff.

Taste (5) You can't help but compare it to Pocky, its clear superior. The pretzels have a sort of graham crackery taste to them, which isn't bad, but just isn't amazing. They don't have that same snap in the bite that Pocky has.

Packaging (7) Funny lookin' kids and a great step-by-step guide on how to enjoy the snack written on the back. Might have been an 8 but man, why these kids gotta be Native Americans? What the fuck? Stupid racist ass snacks.

Overall snackability rating (7) The packaging is great and really steals the show here, but the actual snack itself fails to really satisfy this snacker.


stef said...

Just wanted to let you know these were in existence 30+ years ago when I was a kid. A lot of the stuff then wasn't PC hence the packaging and "racist" stuff. To be honest back then no one cared what the packaging was. It's only now that people make a fuss over every little thing.

Bloodcalibur said...

Let me just add that these aren't rip offs since they've been SELLING since the same month Pocky began existing in Japan. And IMO they taste better, but that's an opinion. As for being a rip off, you should do your research first.