Thursday, May 17, 2007

Junior Mints

If Taste (7) Good thing they are in little bite sized bits, you will get a headache if you eat them all too fast. I know, because I just did it and now have a headache. The taste is pretty okayish when enjoyed with moderation.

Packaging (7) I am really thankful that they have kept their retroish-minimal style. Looks like something you would have eaten in the 60's and that is okay with me. Because we all know most packaging designers are a bunch of loosers with photoshop. Yeah, I said it.

The package gives me all the false information I need to know, and communicates their snacking message to my taste buds.

Overall snackability rating (5) I wouldn't eat these a lot. Only when I am forced to when other people horde the candy. They are not fulfilling at all and can only fill a 'sugar fix.'


deerflesh said...

this is bullshit.
junior mints are my jam.
i feel like you are my snack nemesis right now and you must prove your taste to me if i will continue to read your opinions on snack foods.

1) put vanilla icecream in a bowl
2) put jr. mints in the bowl.
3) eat the shit out of it.

second suggestion...
1) go to a movie
2) eat jr. mints whilst watching the movie.

best wishes,
steven davis

Dirty Diamonds said...

Easy there killer. I just call it like I see it, like the referee that the crowd hates and boo's at (but he is right). You must understand that these taste buds are snack certified, my friend. I stand firmly behind my 7 rating which is a good rating.

Point taken on the JR Mints in ice cream BUT these are mash-up techniques like putting Milk Dud's with Popcorn.

deerflesh said...

good point on the snack food mash up stylings. perhaps i need to go back an hit up some jr. mints raw dog before throwing my soft drink at the ref.
keep it crunk,

Dirty Diamonds said...

I have been eating them once a week for the past month because it seems that the snack man is MIA in a major way. I urge you to do the same, get "a pack a week" for a month, then start throwing all the rotten tomatoes you can at my reviews, heh. I am off the sweet snacks for a month because I have been making wayy too many trips to the Stinson Snack Machine.

Theee Casual Male said...

Someone should review the best soft drinks to throw at referees.

CHSkateboarding said...