Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wheat Thins Chips: Veggie

From the NKOTB files comes another Kraft product of imagination, Wheat Thins Chips. Before we get started, let me introduce myself. I used to be a unofficial (and unpaid) spokesman for Wheat Thins: Reduced Fat. Don't believe me? Google my real name with the words 'wheat thins' next to it and you will find at least 5 results from me mentioning them in interviews. The "reduced fat" kind were not as greeezy as the regular kind, and would give you less-to-no heartburn. Anyway this is about the Veggie Chips. I love "veggie kinda stuff" normally. Am I the ONLY person who had Veggie Sticks in grade school? If you know where to get Veggie Sticks in the Minnneapolis area, holla at a snacker (me). I will drive up to an hour for em. Seems like I keep wanting to talk about other things that I enjoy, hmm. These "Chips" boast 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips, but they overly compensate in the sodium category. Believe that. They should have just been marketed as Salt Lick alternatives. I did not like them. Bad taste covered in salt, which is probably what the salt was for.

Taste (4) Would never eat these again unless I was starving, literally. Then I would enjoy them. I threw away the half-eaten bag last night. You may ask why I ate half the bag if they were that bad? Well to keep wondering if they were really "that bad." And they were. They ruined a nice night I had planned with a block of cheese and some Czech beer.

Packaging (4) Reminds me of every other package you see in the grocery store. I did however like the picture of the vegetables on the bottom left. Made me feel like I was making the 'healthy choice,' yeah I said it.

Overall snackability rating (2) It will piss you off realizing that you spent around $3 dollars on a 9 ounce bag of "variety salt." I think I said all there was to say for you to make an educated decision on what to do next time you think about buying these.

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