Monday, May 21, 2007

Emerald Tropical Blend Trail Mix

Big NEWS at Snack Attack. Your trusted (not so trusted to some) snack author will be taking a break from the sugar candy and replacing it with fruit, nuts, berries and anything I can find growing in a ditch off of 35W. The Snack Man really let me down this last month and dropped my snacking level to "eating pretty much anything with sugar in it." I will be trying to offer snacking alternatives when you gotta have that fix.

Today's find is Emerald Tropical Blend Trail Mix featuring; glazed walnuts, natural cashews, granola clusters, shaved coconut, dried mango and pineapple. I ended up getting some of this because I could not find the pistachios and was not let down. I like coconut, always have, probably always will, so I grabbed this variety. I don't know much about Emerald Trail mix, but it looked like something I could enjoy. What I didn't know is that Diamond Foods, Inc. (Nasdaq: DMND), developed a patented process for producing great-tasting glazed snack nuts. This is what they claim and I now trust them fully, you may want to also.

Taste (8) I could go to 9 with this but will keep it a little lower because I have only had it once.
The blend is the perfect amount of salt and sweetness and every ingredient is doing is part in making my mouth happy, hopefully my appetite too.

Packaging (6) I am into simple packaging, this really doesn't do it for me. I bought it because I saw a coconut on the front and something that looked like a peach, later to find out it was a mango. The back illustration is pretty nice, it breaks it down with little icons to tell you what you will soon be sticking inside your stomach. This is what moved the packaging up a notch. I also noticed they use the words "blend" and "mix." Two words that will always grab my attention.

Overall snackability rating (8) Even though they say this snack is for active lifestyles, my lazy self still enjoyed it.

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Chris said...

So maybe I am biased but you should try Peeled Snacks as well. They do mixes as well as snacks. They primarily are in Hudson New/Airports and Whole Foods. Now they have a Family size pack in Costco....Yes I work for them but we really taste good.