Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Japanese Snack Week: Bingo Bongo

I got a bunch of fruitish snacks sent over in the box and this one definitely stood out as the most interesting-looking. These are little fruit sucker things in both strawberry and orange flavors. The flavors are kinda weird - almost medicine-like. I was a little disappointed until I got to the core of the candy - a compacted sugar crystal which somehow manages to stay freezing cold despite being in the middle of that candy inside my 100º degree mouth for ten minutes. Paging Mr. Wizard.

Taste (6) Definitely not as sweet or flavorful as I was hoping for. The crystal center was dope, but I need more overall flavor enjoyment.

Packaging (8) The freaky fruit faces are off the hook. Nice work.

Overall snackability rating (わかりました) I'm more excited about starting the other snacks than I am about finishing this one.

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Dirty Diamonds said...

I ate one of the red ones and was also let down by the 'normality' of this candy. I got impatient and bit into it with my tiger teeth. It was then I felt a small waterfall of pixie sticks dancing on my tongue and was happy again until that taste wore off in 10 seconds and was left with the original flavor. For sure a "hats off" for smuggling pure Columbian sugar in the middle, but the ratios could be swapped.