Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Japanese Snack Week: Crunky Caramel

I'm no stranger to Crunky and was pretty stoked to see the familiar logo hidden up in the Japanese snack assortment. Crunky is like the ultimate "DUDE LOOK AT THE NAME OF THIS CANDY BAR!" snack item in Japan, but the best thing is there are all these ill remixes like Air Crunky, Crunky Kids, White Crunky, and Black Crunky. This is one I'd never seen before and was anxious to try it. It definitely lived up to my expectations. The crispies have a malt taste to them while the usual chocolate coating is replaced with a smoky caramel. If you told me this was some kind of coffee-flavored candy bar, I (being a non-coffee drinker) would probably believe you.

Taste (8) Straight up Crunky is good, but can get old after a while, so the caramel variation is welcomed with open arms.

Packaging (8) The blockbuster letters are tough to beat, plus look at those intense opening instructions.

Overall snackability rating (8) Delicious, nicely packaged, fully crunked out.

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